La Libre Belgique

Nicolas Blanmont

The brilliant violinist Maya Levy dazzled the audience at the Nuits Botaniques, in her central cadence but also in her ability to borrow from blues and jazz with an orchestra that truly swings

Mai 2023



Maya Levy is the Artist of the Year 2021

February 2022

Crescendo Magazine

Pierre Jean Tribot

Young violinist Maya Levy is one of the great emerging talents of the Belgian music scene, overflowing with energy and embarking on new projects

December 2021

BBC Magazine


The combination of composers works perfectly and it is wonderfully well played

November 2021

BBC Magazine

BBC Magazine

Rising Star

September 2021

Classica Magazine

Clément Serrano

Maya Levy produces a crystalline sound. Her discreet bow changes and light vibrato give the impression of a continuous melody

September 2017

The Strad Magazine

Julian Haylock

An intoxicating and exhilarating recording of lesser-known Grieg pieces” - “Enhanced by her captivating imagination and freshness”

September 2017

American Record Guide


Levy possesses a mysterious and fascinating charisma, she delves deeply into the mystery of the work, she savors every note” - “She has a superb sound”

September 2017